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Lunch yesterday at District Commons. Crab cake sandwich and sweet potato fries 👌😛
View from our hotel 👌
Something about a gorgeous day and lake with mountains in the background 👌
Cedric’s Tavern at The Biltmore Estate.
I want to kiss you so hard that you will never be able to get the taste of me out of your mouth.

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13th April, Sunday (10:14pm) Reblog ↬
I kinda want to eat it all 😛
I love the drive to Asheville!
@casy0290 sent me this earlier today. She’s nuts 💕💕
Full belly status.
Meet little Sobie, our newest addition to our family. He needed a good home and I’m glad we are able to give him one! (: @casy0290
Old Sara had to get towed for her first time today. I’m pretty sure she’s trying to break me AND my wallet..
No filter needed for this picture. My dad sent it to me. He took it last night at Shell beach in San Luis Obispo, Cali.
Anyone who can share this, please do. It’s important we spread the word. He has the ability to fly up to 30-50 miles in 2 days.

Putting up a REWARD for his safe return or info leading to his return!!! $$$
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